Emerging Sectors

Today’s industries are one thing, but what about the industries of tomorrow? Subscribe Technologies is committed to identifying needs for Software as a Service (Saas) applications within emerging sectors.

Developing Countries

Developing countries are some of the biggest lands of opportunity for technology. We are actively exploring emerging and growing sectors within developing nations where there is potential to utilize additional resources effectively.

Vertical SaaS

Vertical SaaS targets specific industries/customers, allowing features to adapt according to client and industry demand. It offers users a cost-effective, industry-specific option that allows them to customize certain features, making it more flexible. Vertical SaaS differs from Horizontal SaaS, which focuses on clients in any sector or industry.

Internet of Things

The internet is changing everything, and it becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives each year. Cloud-based SaaS enables cost effective value added services for many Internet of Things applications such as smart home, connected healthcare and preventive maintenance of industrial equipment.

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