Subscribe Technologies main and primary focus is Software as a Service (SaaS). Software as a service has been an exponentially growing sector in recent years, as technology evolves and advances to make our everyday lives easier and more efficient.

Software as a Service has to be easy to use. Fundamentally, saving time and energy is the primary purpose of SaaS, and all of our platforms are catered to end-user experiences that won’t confuse you. The world is changing, with mobile phone usage taking over where desktops left off, all of our apps are optimized for not only desktop, but also mobile and tablet use. There are so many apps floating around these days, it’s much easier and less stressful to integrate all of your favorite apps into 1 flagship platform.


Organisations, like Facebook and Google can then freely monetise your information by serving up paid advertisements. In a blockchain environment the consumer has more control who they share their personal information with.

Blockchain enables smarter transactions because the database (or ledger) is managed by a network, not any one central authority. ‘Tokenisation’ enables new asset classes, while a ‘token’ represents a unit of value. You can assign a token to almost any asset, person, organisation or utility, and they are important in a blockchain environment because it’s how we exchange and share value with our customers and partners . Organisations, like Facebook and Google can then freely monetise your information by serving up paid advertisements. In a blockchain environment the consumer has more control who they share their personal information with.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is popping up in virtually every technology sector, and Subscribe Technologies is up to speed with artificial integration within our platforms where appropriate.

Artificial Intelligence is changing how the world works. The computing power of an AI processor is exponentially higher than the human brain, and the opportunities to capitalize on each iteration of advancement are growing each year. We are used to assistants being peers and coworkers, but what about an AI? Within some of our platforms, an AI Assistant will help you navigate and use your apps. Industry experts generally agree that voice is the next big thing. Removing the need to type, to click, to do anything but talk, is something that our AI Assistants specialize in.


The world is changing. Desktops are no longer the primary viewers of online multimedia, and apps are following suite. Subscribe Technologies is committed to a mobile-optimized portfolio.

When you use an app on your phone, you typically want the less clutter on the screen than the desktop version. We design our mobile applications to be as lightweight and refined as possible in order to maximize ease of use. Each of our mobile applications is optimized for both iOS and Android, as well as cross-compatibility and integration into the desktop and tablet versions. When you’re working with your touchscreen instead of a keyboard and mouse, you need to be able to intuitively expect how to operate your application. With our optimized user interfaces, the learning curve is minimized.


Youpreneurs are changing the way business as usual is conducted. Subscribe Technologies recognizes this under-served and growing community, and tailors our apps and platforms to best suit their needs.

Youpreneurs are typically busy people, and we recognize this. Each of our platform applications are specifically designed to maximize efficiency, and save unnecessary steps. The faster you complete a task, the sooner you can move on to the next one. Our platforms are optimized with speed in mind, to keep your momentum on the right track. A youpreneur has many different tasks and responsibilities, which is why our flagship platform was designed to integrate numerous apps within it’s umbrella, allowing full 360 degree operation of a small business all in one place.

Emerging Sectors

Today’s industries are one thing, but what about the industries of tomorrow? Subscribe Technologies is committed to identifying needs for Software as a Service (Saas) applications within emerging sectors.

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